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How We Work

Our Approval Process is a try-before-you buy approach that helps remove concerns about making a large design decision. For this purpose all our Stores offer curtains and drapery panels that you may take home to hang at your windows on 48 hour approval, to see the finished effect in your room. If you haven’t tried shopping for window coverings this way before, you may be surprised, and relieved, to find that our approach to window treatments works.

All our Stores offer the following:

  • Approximately 100 ready-made curtain styles and drapery panels (quantities and style vary at each location). Curtains may be purchased outright, or taken home on approval and subsequently ordered in the size you need.
  • Hundreds of fabrics, thousands of choices are not necessary, we aim to provide you with an edited selection in order to help you make the right choice
  • Sheer fabrics as well as silks, cottons, woven fabrics from all over the world
  • A constantly changing selection of fabrics and curtains so that our window covering styles are up to the minute and up to date
  • Fabrics that may be made into custom curtains and shades (roman shade, gathered, balloon shade, London shade and many others styles)
  • Examples of custom made curtains, shades and top treatments
  • Drapery hardware at all price points and in all styling options (poles, finials, brackets, rings)
  • Many of our stores offer window shades and blinds, including motorized blinds.

Whether you live near one of our stores or miles away, we are able to assist.  Locate a curtain store near you and we'll be happy to talk to you about our try-before-you buy process.


About Us

Our curtains are made in the USA by a team of trained seamstresses. We’ve been making curtains since 1997 and our products are available through The Curtain Exchange retail stores, a network of independently owned franchise curtain stores. Our Store Owners and their staff are proud of their products and their knowledge and everyone is dedicated to assisting you find the right window coverings for your home.