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"CRAFT" Barbara Barry - Designer

"The eye is sophisticated, it picks up nuances. Something made to stand the test of time is set apart. If you want quality in your life, you want it in everything. You want it in a cup of coffee, you want it at dinner...You have a standard, and you appreciate the differences. Luxury is not about style or trends. It's truly craft - a tradition of fine things done well"

Remodeling and Home Design

Customer Reviews:

“Dress your windows with beauty and fashion.”

Home & Design, Volume 590

“Where new, custom, ready-made curtains are NOT an oxymoron.”

Design Showcase, September 26, 2008

“You can’t make a mistake!”

Indian River, November/December 2006

"I wanted you to know how absolutely THRILLED we are with the beautiful work you've done for our home. The drapes are so stunning, they complete Michael's room with a flourish...So thank you so much for all your help...As my husband said when he saw the finished product in his study, 'you get what you pay for."

-Ruth Staff-TCE customer