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I have burgundy leather couches in my den. I want to paint the den/kitchen/foyer and upstairs hall Svelte Green by Sherwin Williams, or a dark tan, and use a gold striped drape in the den. I am not favoring the grayness of any of these paint colors. If I painted the walls a golden yellow what color drape would look best? I want to keep the color as light and cheerful as possible since it is an open floor plan.

Golden yellow will up the color quotient in your home and also boost your mood during these winter doldrums. As for a drapery color that could accommodate both golden yellow walls and a rich burgundy sofa, crisp white is an excellent choice. It will heighten the intensity of the wall's color and make your dark leather sofa pop. However, if you're really in the mood for color, how about bright, Chinese red draperies? Their color will have the same effect as the white drapes, but will also introduce an element of drama to your den.