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I have a very large Great Room, with kitchen, breakfast area, living area – and a lot of VERY large windows! I am looking for a style of window treatment that POPS. I like color. Any thoughts on bringing the kitchen windows and great room windows together? I thought about simple valances in the kitchen. Not necessarily the same color, but coordinating.

How about a faux taffeta in a bold hue, such as peacock purple or brilliant pink, for the great room curtains? Faux taffeta is a good option because while it's not shiny, it will give you the necessary POP you're looking for, and it's easier on your wallet than a pricier silk taffeta... and you don’t have to line them. Hang them on a sleek iron rod. To visually tie the great room with the kitchen, hang the same style of iron rod as high as possible above your kitchen windows. It's very important to keep all hardware the same, because that is what will create a good flow from room to room. As for the window treatments in the kitchen, try one in a similar color, but perhaps in a different fabric. Valances will make the room look smaller and emphasize the lower ceiling, and if they are elaborate they will cost more as they are more labor intensive to make. You could be a bit more daring with a simple soft sheer in a vibrant color.