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My dining room is a dark chocolate brown with white molding, and I’m looking for a complementary fabric color choice. The dining room chairs have a pale blue and taupe piping in the seat cushion, with more teal and taupe in the adjoining living room furniture. I’d love some suggestions.

Try a curtain fabric that corresponds with your chair cushions. While you could do a classic stripe, perhaps in a silk dupion, why not take it a step further and go for something bolder. What about a graphic floral pattern that has complementary soft blue and taupe? I don't mean your grandmother's floral pattern. I'm talking about something bolder and more modern. If you want to give it an even crisper look, consider adding blue or taupe piping along the edges. And as for carrying the colors over into the living room, use them in a different way, such as in a slightly more subtle paisley pattern for the window treatments.