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I have a sage green dining room, with a gold-colored foyer immediately adjacent. Even though my dining room gets lots of light, I don't want it to be too dark. I would like to put some neutral curtains in this room. Can I put a solid, light colored curtain on a green-colored wall? Or, does the fabric need to have some green for a continuous look?

You can keep your "green room" theme going if you'd like, by choosing curtains in a light green silk taffeta or dupion, a green sheer, or perhaps a dark green velvet. But by no means should you feel tied to the hue. You mentioned you were considering a neutral. We recommend ivory, because beige, especially if it has traces of gold in it, can look a little wan. If you feel passionate about including some green element in the curtains, why not have it both ways and add sassy green banding or trim to the leading edge of elegant ivory curtains.