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I live in a newly constructed home with builder-basic VERTICALS on two - 6' sliding glass doors. I am in Florida and need light control and also want to see outside at the same time. Then at nighttime, I need privacy. Verticals do that job, of course, but for the fact that they are so ugly! I want to take them down but do not know what to put in place of them that will give me what I need, and add a stylish touch of elegance at the same time.

Sheers are ideal for allowing Florida sun into your home, but they also offer a gauzy layer of mystery that keeps curious passersby from seeing the entire contents of your living room. But for privacy at night, you would also need a heavier curtain that can be drawn shut. Therefore, hang a curtain and a sheer from a double-hung curtain rod with a one-way draw that will allow easy access to your sliders.