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I have seen curtains that are just lined and others that include interlining. Could you tell me the advantage to purchasing those with interlining verses those without?

Interlining is the unsung heroine of the curtain world. It is a thin layer of material sewn between the facing fabric and the lining of a drapery panel. It not only protects the fabric against harsh sunlight, it also has insulating properties that will keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And while interlinings play a supporting role to the more diva-like velvets, silks and damasks, they are absolutely vital for a curtain to hang properly. Cotton and linen curtains benefit from being interlined. Truly, having a good interlining in your curtain is like wearing a good bra. Shy, one-dimensional panels become full-bodied coquettes with the right interlining. And should you desire even more body and lift for your curtains, select a thicker interlining known as a bump. Bump is the Wonder Bra of the curtain world.