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I'm thinking of redecorating my dining room. I'm wondering what the most popular fabrics and colors are going to be for the fall?

This season, it is all about red. Did you know that a recent study revealed that when a man looks upon a woman wearing a red shirt or dress, he finds her significantly more attractive than when she is wearing any other color? This should really come as no surprise since red is a powerful, sensual color that has always been associated with passion. But because it is so stimulating, you must be careful that you chose the appropriate tone. In a dining room, for example, rather than selecting a more traditional darker blue-red that might be a little somber, try something surprising and upbeat, such as red with an undertone of orange or even pink. Consider even mixing a pinkish red with an orange red in a modern plaid or stripe for a bold look in a simply furnished room. Against a plain white backdrop, they will make an unexpected statement.