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I love the look of silk and the sheen that it has, but my husband thinks it's too formal for our bedroom. Are there any rules regarding the appropriate use of silk?

Silk is made in an endless variety of sheens, textures and weights – suited both formal and casual décor. But if you’re still unable to convince your husband, meet in the middle and go for a hybrid silk. It's a cross between a shimmery, finely finished taffeta and a slubby, textured dupioni. While it will provide some light-reflecting sheen to your boudoir, it will by no means look too shiny or formal. Also, consider using silk in a more casual drapery style, such as a grommet heading, and avoid fussier designs such as pinch pleats or ruffled pocket tops.

As for “rules” about silk, or any curtains – we believe you should create the right look for your home.  No one will send the curtain police after you, we promise.