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My living room is long; and despite its south-facing windows, it doesn't get much light. I want to use white linen sheers or white net sheers. The windows are 11' wide and 105” from curtain rods to floor, which is how I prefer them to make the ceilings look higher. Could the ceilings look taller with a top treatment? What kind of rods would you recommend??

In this case, sheers would need to be made custom in multiple widths to cover your windows. As for rods, I recommend a decorative traverse rod, which is simply a traverse rod but with a covering that conceals the track on which the sheers slide. If you want your ceilings to appear higher, try a rod in a lighter shade of metal, such as brushed nickel, that will blend in with the white and thus not create a visual break from the top of the sheer to the floor. Another option is to forgo the rods all together and install sheers on a ceiling-mounted track, which will optimize the verticality of the space. As for  top treatments, they tend to make a ceiling look lower, so your initial instincts were right on when you hung the treatments as high as possible.