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I have two eyebrow windows with rectangular windows underneath on either side of the fireplace in my family room. How would you suggest I treat these windows?

I love a good curtain challenge. For this situation, you have more than one option. If you desire a clean, unified look, treat each eyebrow and rectangular window combination as one. Hang a rod at the top of the left eyebrow window and chose one fabulous drapery panel that flows all the way to the floor (or beyond, if you like a good puddle). The panel will cover both the eyebrow window and the rectangular window below it. To let in light (and add a bit of drama) tie back the panel to the left side. Repeat with the set of windows on the right, except sweep the panel to the right. This sort of look will draw the eye upwards and will visually heighten the room.

If you're looking to create a cozier space, or draw focus to a particularly elegant fireplace, treat the top eyebrow windows and bottom rectangular windows separately. This is a good idea particularly if the top windows are much higher than the windows below. I suggest adding an elegant Roman shade to each eyebrow window and then long curtain panels to the lower windows. (You should install the rod in the space between the upper and lower windows.) This look also allows you to have both privacy and sunlight at the same time. Just raise the upper shades but leave the bottom curtains drawn.