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I live in a high rise condo and have recently hung a single width pair of curtains. While they look fabulous, I can't help feeling that they are a bit skimpy. I am considering adding a second pair. Do I need to have them stitched together or can I just hang both single width pairs together? How do you determine the proper width for curtains that are not designed to close, just to look full?

Adding another panel to each side is an excellent way to add volume. And no need to stitch them, especially if they are going to be stationary. If you ever move or decide to change up your look, you can always divide them up again and put them in other rooms. Adding panels is also the perfect opportunity for creativity. Rather than using the same color, try a different color. For example, a black and white combination is modern. Any complementary colors will work, from orange and hot pink to a more subtle gray and cream.

Determining the proper width will depend on how much wall space is available on either side of the window. I recommend the width of each panel be
no less than 1/6 of the width of the window. Any less than that and your panels will look a little anemic. For a fuller look, chose panels that are up to 1/4 or a 1/3 the width of the window.