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We moved into our house several years ago and have painted our bedroom a dark chocolate brown. We also have new Thomasville furniture in a black rubbed texture that shows brown undertones. We bought a four poster contemporary/traditional bed, two night stands and a tall boy chest. Currently we have white Venetian blinds on three windows that frame the bed. They were purchased as a temporary solution to light control, but have quickly become a permanent fixture. The two windows on the left of the bed sit at the corner of the room, with one on each side of the corner, and the other window on the right side of the bed butts up to the other corner. These windows go up almost 9 feet and are 36 inches wide. However, they are broken into two parts with the top part being a third and the bottom being two thirds. The blinds are on the bottom part only. We added a lighted ceiling fan in the tray ceiling that has dark brown paddles with a gold shade. This fan is really necessary in the summer months especially. We put crown moulding around the ceiling in whilte and painted the ceiling in a very light beigy brown color. We have a light tan carpet on the floor that matches as closely as we could to the bathroom tiles, so that there would be flow from the bedroom to the bathroom. We have not painted the bathroom yet. We get a lot of light coming into the master suite and it is very pretty and sunny. I would love to create a very restful and calm feeling there with curtains bedding and accessories, but am not sure how to treat the windows, since they are not equally sized. Could you give me some suggestions as to style, and then I need some help with color also. I would like the two rooms to coordinate with each other. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks. Judy

What might seem like a bit of a design conundrum concerning your windows and their varying sizes is actually a wonderful opportunity to be a curtain genius. You can do so many things with this layout, but let me suggest something that might fit your need for a calm environment. First, get rid of those venetian blinds. They've served their temporary purpose long enough! Next, consider introducing a new, soothing color into your room that you can carry into your bed linens and accessories. Reading the description of your room, I immediately thought of a very light blue that has a just the slightest hint of gray in it. Because you like the abundant natural light in the room, try a combination of simple panels in a linen or cotton/linen blend on either side of each lower window and either leave the top windows free of adornment, or, if you want more light control, add Roman shades in the same fabric as the panels. The other alternative is to treat each set of windows as one by hanging long flowing curtain panels from rods at the top of each top window. Trust me—your windows will look like leggy supermodels with this style. Good luck!