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My bedroom has a bank of 4 windows, each 2 foot x 5 foot, with a view of the Arkansas River. I want a curtain that can be pulled or pushed back during the time of year that the sun is in the South. Also, there is a sliding door that goes out on a deck - I have a vertical blind on this door. Can you suggest something for this window? My bedspread has a lot of gold in it.

Try hanging a set of curtain panels from ceiling mounted tracks. They can be adjusted to block sunlight and also allow for gorgeous vistas, depending on the time of the year. For maximum control, try three panels rather than the more obvious two. As for the sliding glass doors, try swapping the vertical blinds for a sheer layered with a curtain (perhaps with gold trim to pick up the gold in your bedspread). The sheer and curtain should operate separately because, again, you want to be able to control the light in the room.