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Custom Window Treatments: Two Ways to Style Double Height Windows

Double height windows present an interesting challenge when shopping for designer window treatments. If your home has double height windows, then you already know that this very likely means that your windows will require custom window treatments, because standard draperies do not come in lengths long enough to accommodate the height of tall or double windows.

Here are two methods of dressing double height windows:

One option is to place the curtain rod along the molding between the top and bottom set of windows, leaving the top windows bare. This has the effect of letting in plenty of sunlight while providing the opportunity for complete privacy from the curtains on the lower windows. This can also emphasize the upper windows, and would likely allow you to use ready-made designer window treatments.

Another option is to have very long curtains hung from the top of the highest windows. This allows for the ultimate light control and really places the emphases on the height of the ceiling. This is a bolder technique to use when you want to add a little drama to the room, and would require custom window treatments.

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House and Garden, June 2005

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New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles, Decorators’ Show House X, Spring 2002

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Window Fashions, February 2001